Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Volunteer Interns Wanted!

SAVEfarms.org and OurDinoFarm.com are looking for volunteer interns!
Must love chickens!

We operate a tiny teaching farm in Newton. We are looking for a few locals who would love to learn about Urban Farming and Permaculture while working on Our Dino Farm.

Our Farm is active in the following areas:
Chicken & fowl rearing and keeping
Chicken Rentals, including coop assembly, disassembly, predator protection, customization & fencing
Warre Beekeeping
Mycelium and Mushrooms
Foraging & Wildcrafting including the harvesting of beneficial "weeds"
Food forestry
Sales, Marketing & Communications using CRM databases
Tracking inventory via Excel spreadsheets
Licensed to Keep Fowl in Newton, and Licensed to Transport Fowl by the Comm. of MA.

SAVEfarms.org is an educational not for profit.
Interns will have access to SAVEfarms.org's library, reference materials, and network of contacts.
Through SAVEfarms.org, interns will support the activities of Our Farm and the farming efforts of other SAVEfarms.org members & beneficiaries.

Volunteer Interns will be encouraged to engage in their own Urban Farming and Permaculture efforts.

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